Held 16 August 2022 at 9.00am to 12.30pm

Visit Frankston Business Collective Events to register for this and our Launching the Frankston Business Collective networking night on 20 July 2022.

Would you like to achieve greater job satisfaction, productivity and engagement for you and your staff? Are you trying to find the tools to increase mental resilience? Frankston Business Collective (FBC) believe in the power of businesses investing in mental health and the necessity to prioritise it, particularly after the last two years where we saw stress-levels reach all-time highs during the pandemic. In response to this, FBC ensured that in our complimentary series of initial events there needed to be a gathering focusing on the minds of our business community. The result is our Wellbeing Summit taking place on 16 August, 9am-12.30pm, at the Brahma Kumaris Centre in Frankston South.

Falling under our education pillar, FBC hope this event will leave attendees feeling uplifted, emotionally lighter and equipped with the right tools that they can implement with ease in their professional and home lives. We have an incredible line up of guest speakers who FBC have purposefully selected, ranging from motivational speakers, life coaches, authors, a leadership consultant, dynamic facilitator, well-being expert and just some overall inspiring business people who we can all learn a thing or two from.

The summit will be hosted and facilitated by the FBC CEO Jeff Rogut who will, with great delight, introduce and facilitate conversations between our guest speakers. The jam-packed list of speakers include:

  • Peter Thurin (pharmacist, author, martial arts black belt, and motivational speaker) who will speak about what is ‘Easy to do. Easy not to do. It’s your choice’.
  • Kate Save (CEO and co-founder of Be Fit Food) will help us to understand ‘the direct link between food and our overall health’.
  • Kirsten McKenna (multi award winner for people management, training and development, and sales excellence) will teach us how to foster a positive growth mindset.
  • Bethany Knight (Community Engagement and Youth Participation Officer at headspace Frankston) and Alexis Miall (works in the IPS program (Individual Placement and Support) as a Youth Worker – Vocational Specialist at Headspace, Frankston) will provide us with resources for young people, family, friends, and businesses.
  • Margaret Foley (life coach, speaker, and author. Founder of Queen of my Own Universe for women, and more recently Infinite Mind Life Coaching for inclusivity for men and women) will teach us the ‘7 Steps to start Living a Life you Love’.

Prior to attending the event we invite you to take the PERMAH survey. PERMAH stands for positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment, and health and looks at your wellbeing through these six lenses to provide you with a holistic understanding. It’s a free and confidential survey which provides you with an insight into your state of wellbeing, with actionable information. We believe it would be beneficial to take the survey before and after the FBC summit to see if you have experienced any changes.

Booking is essential and we are getting close to being at capacity. FBC would absolutely love for our business community to partake and seize the opportunity to spend some focused quality time to look in, gain a new perspective and care for you so that you can do the same for the people in your life.

Secure yourself a ticket to this enlightening event via this link – Improving Business Mental Wellbeing Summit