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Two Fantastic Speakers for the next FBC Women in Business Event in February 2023

Veronica Lees-Amato

Veronica has been a popular Australian Singer and MC for over 35 years, most recently adding funeral and wedding celebrancy to her offering in the last decade. Veronica describes herself as a human potentialist, who is in love with people. Veronica is well known for her audience engagement skills, networking skills,  and her ability to connect people. In 2020, during the pandemic, Veronica launched Essestone™ – a web based platform that allows people to set up an online headstone for their loved ones who have passed on – an E-stone™. The Essestone™ brand is founded on Veronica’s unwavering belief that every life is significant and important, and needs to be evidenced. Veronica is excited to share her thoughts and experience on NETWORKING TO DEATH – how to leave an impact on people and how to be remembered after you have gone.

Danielle Jacobs

Title: Nudging Your Way To Wellbeing

Goal: If caring for our wellbeing was easy, we’d all be thriving. But the truth is our levels of wellbeing and resilience are meant to ebb and flow, based on what’s happening in the world around us and the choices we are making. In this workshop you’ll:

  • Discover why caring for your wellbeing involves moments of both thriving and struggle.
  • Be given six tiny evidence-based nudges you can use care for your wellbeing in five minutes or less each day.
  • Learn how to measure and playfully experiment with what works best for you when it comes to boosting your resilience.

Think: Tiny regular well being actions can have a mighty impact. I just have to keep playfully experimenting with what works for me.

Feel: Excited to playfully experiment with tiny nudges to help them feel a little better and function a little more effectively.

Do: Create a prompt and try a tiny daily wellbeing practice this week and see how they go.

Phone: +61 413 604 224
Email: danielle@michellemcquaid.com
Web: www.thewellbeinglab.com