“What’s crazy is that just the physical act of smiling can make a difference in building your immunity,” says Dr Murray Grossan.

Hey there, it’s Scott Carson here, co-founder of ‘The Business of Smiles’

So can smiling make a difference in building our community?

We think we should find out!

Our community is full of people with differing experiences, socioeconomics, demographics, occupations, needs, and future aspirations. However, the one thing we all have in common is that we are a part of this community, so we all impact one another with our actions and interactions.

We want to improve the spirit of our community in the lead-up to Christmas because it is a time of year that is so very stressful for many and with the fallout from COVID now is a great time to celebrate each other, especially with a smile!

Find out more below and follow this link to book your ticket SMILES FOR FRANKSTON

Add a So what’s our plan?

For 12 days of Christmas (12 to 24 December), we want to connect with more than 5,000 beating hearts in the Frankston community.

We are planning on having smilers walking the streets saying thank you to the members of our community and leaving them with a small reminder of the gift of a smile. The gift will be a pair of ‘the business of smiles’ socks, we call them socks of purpose!

We know that this simple gesture creates a memorable and lasting connection for people, and importantly brings a smile to the faces of our community.

Whether it be someone doing it tough, a business owner with a lot on their plate, a policeman doing their job, or our kids finding their way in life, we all need a smile.

A simple gesture of a pair of bright yellow socks, that carries an important message of struggle, strength and smiles is a way of infecting our community, even if for a moment in time.

Why? Because the people of Frankston are worth it… Frankston is an amazing place with all of the advantages and challenges of a major city.

Our challenges of drug use, homelessness, youth crime, loneliness, aggression and disconnection seem to be never-ending and unfortunately not improving.

We want our families to feel safer, our businesses to be stronger, the heart of Frankston to beat with positivity and a celebration of our community, with a smile.

Who are we?

The Business of Smiles is a Not for Profit that engages directly with our community creating positive and lasting engagement with people, one smile at a time.

What we need

Smiles are not cheap; our socks are of the highest quality and our roving smilers need uniforms and equipment. So, to make this happen for Frankston we need to raise $52,000 and we are looking for your support.

What you can do

  • Amplify our campaign on your social media accounts
  • Attend our Smiles for Frankston Event on 24 November and come and see for yourself what a difference a smile can make.
  • Become a sponsor of our Smiles for Frankston Fundraiser Event
  • Gift a Silent auction item for our Fundraiser
  • Become a partner of our Smiles for Frankston Christmas connection
  • Help us with Logistics, these socks don’t walk themselves
  • Volunteer to be one of our Roving Smilers

Simply visit www.ihopeyouaresmiling.com or call 0499 787 006 to get involved.

Follow this link to book your ticket SMILES FOR FRANKSTON

Every business that supports our effort is supplied with a sponsor pack of badges and lanyards for your staff, so the people of Frankston know who was behind their smiles.

We love Frankston and believe in this community. Help us make a difference, the difference we all want to see in Frankston.