Business Profile


I’m Esther, a Confidence and Leadership Coach, Founder and Business Mentor. Off the back of a highly successful corporate career, I now get to choose the work that lights me up the most. Coaching individuals and teams was always the work that didn’t feel like work. I’m incredibly inspired to help others live a life beyond ordinary – a life beyond limits.

I firmly believe everyone starts out with deep, natural confidence within. However for many of my clients, this confidence has slowly eroded over the years due to challenging life events, lack of self awareness and unresourceful, limiting beliefs. It’s my mission to help leaders, executives and teams overcome imposter syndrome and self doubt so they can re-discover deep confidence, self belief, and the ability to leverage their unique strengths.

If you would love to work on: – Confidence and Self Esteem – Imposter Syndrome – Inner Critic – Identity Work – Confidence in Meetings – Leadership Skills – Negotiation and Conflict Navigation – Strengths Profiling (DISC and more) – Core Values Elicitation Let’s chat! Get in touch to set up a free Discovery Call over Zoom.