Business Profile

Many years ago I was forced to reinvent myself after a relationship breakdown and not long after that came the loss of my job and then my family home. How the heck do you move forward from that without going mad? There was no manual to help me figure out what to do first! Of course there were lawyers, counsellors to talk to but no one could tell me how to rebuild my life. How did I reinvent myself?

I’m Sarah Bruce, The Reinvention Strategist, Counsellor and Mentor.

I pride myself that I have rebuilt my life from scratch, raised two amazing daughters, and have managed to become friends again with my ex-husband whilst we watched our girls become adults. It’s from this position of personal growth, further education, various roles to keep the wolves from the door, then starting and building a very successful business for more than nine years that has led me to establish The Reinvention Strategist. This was created to help women, with support that I couldn’t find all those years ago. I nurture, support and empower women to make the changes they crave. Whether it be finding something after becoming an empty nester, wanting to change their relationship status or find a new career, or just simply find something different… I will work with them to help them find it.