Business Profile

At Midnight Motorz we believe that because of our 20+ years experience in the industry, our knowledge of time constraints and putting safety of family and people first. We provide fast and efficient same day servicing with a vehicle drop off and pick up option, as well as repairs and restoration.

Midnight Motorz is a 2 person partnership. Matt has been a mechanic for 20+years, he is passionate about the industry. Honesty is so important to us as a business as well as understanding that in todays day and age, we need to work to put food on the table. We want to provide a service that you don’t have to give up a day of carers leave, sick leave or annual leave to have your car serviced. We will pick your car up from home or work in the local area and bring it back by a set time.

You also can guarantee that if you need a service today and you contact us in the morning we will be able to service your car. Zoey was a stay at home mum and brings an integral customer service and administration role to the business. Zoey’s focus is working with young women and new families. Making them feel heard and not scared. Teaching basic skills to prevent needing a mechanic for everything. Teaching the community the importance of installing a car seat properly for your children or a harness for your fur baby.