Business Profile

As a Business Development Specialist, Australia’s only “Connector coach” a Public Keynote speaker, I guide you or your team on how to cultivate your own intrinsic ability to connect. What follows is personal and professional resilience, and the power to create meaningful results.

Business Development in a world where change is rapid, trust has diminished and uncertainty reigns. My coaching program transforms you to become who you need to be in order to win the trust of your future customer so they feel safe to walk through your door. Customers today are equipped with information and more in control so when all features and benefits are the same, what you stand for becomes your secret weapon.

Add a targeted relationship plan that aligns with the market’s value system and you now have discovered your competitive advantage. People buy you long before they buy your product or service so the ability to connect on BOTH personal and professional level is a MUST.

My customised keynotes give you time to pause on the never-ending to-do list, constant demands, all those notifications, outdated networking practices and lead generation strategies that have so many in the business world or in your workplace feeling disconnected, lonely and undervalued.

I take you on a journey daring you to reconsider how to grow your business with a connected workplace where business flourishes and employees look forward to coming to work.