Business Profile

Living the Dream Foundation exist on the principle of solidarity where we get to provide a caring and empathy driven environment ‘a culture’ where we get to equip and empower the most vulnerable at-risk children, teens and young people by ‘Turning Loss into a Purpose’ creating a positive change in their lives, so they too become vibrant and active members of our society.

The services of Living the Dream Foundation create engagement opportunities for the most vulnerable at-risk children and young people to have access to an environment where they can feel welcomed, safe, and empowered through our meaningful Wellbeing, Mentoring and Member Care programs during times of hardships and uncertainty.

As a not-for-profit organization, led by the Founder/CEO and a Volunteer Committee of Management, we know our why and we are committed to remaining active in improving our Frankston community by assisting in the recognized priorities identified over the past few years. Our three key priorities are ‘Reducing Poverty’ by creating access to free health training, ‘Crime Prevention’ working with the most at risk and ‘Improved Mental Health’ for children and young people through collaboration with the community youth sector and other community services.