Business Profile

Infinite Mind Life Coaching believes in the power of possibility. Founder Margaret Foley established Infinite Mind Life Coaching after recovering from burnout that had resulted in three hospitalisations over five years, and committing to helping others suffering with overwhelm, stress, anxiety and burnout. Infinite Mind Life Coaching provides one-on-one personalised coaching, online group coaching programs and online or in person Workplace Mindfulness programs. Margaret has helped her clients to go from being overwhelmed and feeling helpless to living with happiness, hope and resilience.

Understanding that everyone leads a busy life, Margaret’s approach to healing can create impact with only a few minutes of work each day. She is also passionate about demystifying and taking away the ‘woo-woo’ factor that can scare some people away from doing work on themselves. Her coaching style is straight-forward, relatable and practical – explaining human nature and mindset from a scientific, spiritual and habit centric approach.

Workplace programs are designed to teach both business owners and employees simple mindfulness techniques that can be applied in the work environment as well as home life. Techniques such as breathing, mindful activities and meditation from beginners to advanced will empower you in the workplace to cope with stressful situations and be more present at home. Margaret can tailor a program to suit any workplace needs.