Business Profile

Empowered Art Therapy for Empowered Personal & Professional Development.

Kerryn Knight, Art Therapist, and founder provides you with specialist creative expressive therapeutic intervention from her Centre for Mental Health – Kindred Art Space and home of Empowered Art Therapy in Frankston. As a Registered Counsellor, Supervisor, and International facilitator, Kerryn provides one-to-one services for individuals and professional development for groups and organisations. Kerryn has over three decades of experience in Community Services, Staff Training, and Business Management. Yet working through personal setbacks and ongoing professional development she discovered a safe, soft side approach to issues she faced in her personal and professional life when she first embarked on formal studies in Arts Therapy.

In 2008, taking a leap of faith into the unknown she commenced her Empowered Art Therapy private practice where she turned her passion for Counsel and Art into a service, to help transform lives of those she works with.

What are the benefits of Empowered Art Therapy and how does Art Therapy support Mental Health and Wellbeing?

Kerryn empowers you to gain clarity and make positive changes in a creative and culturally appropriate manner. Kerryn achieves this through specialist art therapy and psycho-spiritual processes for your mental health and wellbeing. Her creative, nurturing approach empowers you to gain a different perspective on issues to make meaning and find solutions. The emphasis is on the process and not an artistic outcome. As a result, Kerryn empowers you to draw out clarity to work through blocks, make meaning, and find solutions. Kerryn supports individuals, Community Groups, Teams, Small Business and Organisations.

How can Art Therapy support my business?

Without your ‘reason why’ in business it’s difficult to stay focused, especially in an uncertain market. Yet it’s not enough to just have a statement spelling out your business’s reason why. To stay focused, we need to embody that reason why. Passionate about the connection between a thriving business and individual creativity, Kerryn is experienced in designing and facilitating unique transformative workshops to support business.