Business Profile

Down’s Estate Community Project (DECP) is an Incorporated Association situated on Council land at Down’s Estate, Seaford. This site is the former farm of famous saddle and whip maker and local Frankston identity, Harry Down. After Harry’s death Frankston City Council purchased Down’s Estate as an environmental buffer to the adjacent Seaford wetlands. The north south strip of the Estate between the shared user path and Old Wells Rd is licenced to DECP for community gathering and learning with an environmental and urban agricultural focus.

There is great potential to expand the opportunities offered to the community on this site and we seek to expand our opportunities into the arts and history space with the restoration of the old farmhouse, currently in disrepair. Council have significantly invested in off grid infrastructure and facilities on site to support the current activities and we hope to establish one or two social enterprises in the short-term future to increase our financial sustainability as well as to create job training and employment with social and environmental benefit.

We have broad connections with other organisations in the community, collaborating with some on projects, including a sustainable indigenous agriculture project with University of Melbourne. We look forward to making connections in the Frankston business sector at FBC and looking for ways that business and community can work together for mutual benefit.