Business Profile

Casey Building Inspections carries both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance so you can be confident in our services. All our reports are carried out and conform with current Australian Standards AS 4349-1-2007 and AS 4349.3-2010.

It is our aim to provide you with concise, important, relevant & unbiased information thus providing you with the best information possible.

Casey Building Inspections provide the following services:

  • Building Inspections
  • Pre Purchase Inspections
  • Pest Inspections
  • Special Reports
  • Dilapidation Reports
  • Handover Reports
  • Vendor Inspections
  • Quality of Tradesmen’s work


– Structural Damage Inspection: Structural damage to a home can be difficult to diagnose and at times, expensive to repair. That’s why we recommend catching the problem before it’s too late and taking a building inspection service to get your property get professionally inspected by a qualified engineer. Whether you’re buying a home at an auction, listing a property for sale, adding to your property portfolio or simply requiring a building inspection report, our professionals at Casey Building Inspections can assist you.

– Grounds: Our property inspections in Melbourne extends up to assessing the condition of the area surrounding your home such as fences, drainage, retaining walls and looking for signs of erosion and blockage.

– Exteriors/Interiors: Our detailed exterior building inspections include checking for potential problems related to the gutters, caulking, roofs, footings and so on. While our interior inspection includes the floors, walls, ceilings, appliances and fixtures.

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