Business Profile

Supporting you on your journey through change: I have been self employed for over 30 years and had the privilege to work for, alongside and with some amazing people and organisations including Manchester United.

I began my career in PR and Marketing back in the 90s, this lead to Consulting and Business Planning, shortly after I began Business Mentoring; this was when I saw first hand the extent of self-doubt and lack of belief people had in their ability to perform at their best. My interest, passion and inquiry lies in the question ‘what makes people tick?’ Why are our lives so similar yet so different and why do we believe different truths? After a light-bulb moment eight years ago, I began to delve into the belief system – and haven’t looked back.

I call myself a Belief Strategist and Mentor. This is what I love. I have made this my work. This work is for you if you wish to change something in your life – grow your business, lose some weight, change your relationship status, make a career or sea change.

My part in this process is to help you identify the belief(s) you hold (often unknowingly) and for you to recognise how they are impacting your choices. Once you are aware of your beliefs I work with you to remove them – not override them – giving you the opportunity to consciously choose the next chapter of your life.